Liquid Assets | The Story of Our Water Infrastructure

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Proven Success, Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure

94% of PBS Stations

broadcast the program. It aired in all of the 40 top markets with a total of 1800 broadcasts in a 12-month period.

100s of Community Events and Discussions

have been held across the nation, hosted by partnering organizations, associations, municipalities, and public television stations.

15,000 DVDs

were distributed to municipalities nationwide through funders, partners, government agencies, and non-profits.

Users from 140 countries/territories

visited the Liquid Assets Web site.

274,000 registered users

of Teachers' Domain gained access to Liquid Assets educational materials.

545 DVDs

were distributed by the House Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment to members of Congress and President Barack Obama’s Transition Team.


2008 American Association of Engineering Societies Engineering Journalism Award

Praise for the Liquid Assets Project

“I just finished watching Liquid Assets. I was blown away. It is one of the most comprehensive, thorough, professional, and understandable presentations I have ever seen.

I am so proud that we are a sponsor. Thanks to all who contributed to this effort.”

-David G. Mongan, President
American Society of Civil Engineers

Liquid Assets takes a potentially dull subject—aging water infrastructure—and makes it engaging by telling a series of stories about the real effect it's having in different communities.”

-Ellis Bromberg, General Manager
Milwaukee Public Television

“. . . outstanding reporting about aging water infrastructure in the United States, and for helping the American public understand the critical needs for engineering's role ahead.”

-Award Citation
2008 American Association of Engineering Societies Engineering Journalism Award