Liquid Assets | The Story of Our Water Infrastructure

Contact Your PBS Member Station

Find Your Local Public Broadcasting Station

Public broadcasting stations have a mission to serve their communities, and they welcome your calls of interest about Liquid Assets. Viewer feedback plays a significant part in stations’ decisions about what programs to air.

To find your local station, visit the National Center for Outreach (NCO) at:

Many public stations have chosen to air the documentary because it is produced by Mid-Atlantic Emmy award-winning Penn State Public Broadcasting, has received major funding from the Colcom Foundation and other organizations, was filmed in high definition, and because it is a timely and important topic.

Contact Your Local Public Broadcasting Station

A friendly reminder to your local station can help to ensure broadcast or repeat broadcasts of Liquid Assets. The station programmer, the public affairs director, the director of community outreach, and general manager can all be of help.

When you contact the station, mention that you are calling about a documentary that they may be interested in airing. You might ask them to view the preview on this Liquid Assets Web site, and tell them that the program is distributed through NETA (National Education Telecommunications Association).