Liquid Assets | The Story of Our Water Infrastructure

Broadcast Times

To find an upcoming broadcast of Liquid Assets in your area, please check with your local public television station. Visit the Public Broadcasting Station Directory for a full listing of station website and contact information.

Previous Broadcast Dates

As of January, 2009, more than 80% of American public television stations had elected to broadcast Liquid Assets since it first aired October 1, 2008. View the Carriage Report from August 2009 to see a list of the stations that have broadcast Liquid Assets. The report is meant as a general guide, and we cannot guarantee its accuracy. It is always best to check with your local public television station for specific broadcast or re-broadcast dates and times.

Getting Liquid Assets Broadcast in Your Area

As the decision to air the documentary rests solely with individual stations, please contact your local PBS station to get Liquid Assets broadcast in your area. Stations have the rights to broadcast the documentary through April 30, 2013.